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Things you will never hear an Ole Miss fan say: _____ I’ll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex. Nope, no more for me.

Ole Miss Rebels college football news, scores, stats and standings provided by

Here's a look at three bowl games outside the playoff that could provide plenty of excitement if not championship drama. The college football bowl season has become ...

This is a video of fight that broke out before a SEC college football game between the University of Mississippi Rebels and the Mississippi State, known as ...

Visit Ole Miss Rebels - SEC Blog for information, in-depth analysis and discussion about Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss Rebels Baseball Schedule. Even though we all know that the SEC is no joke on the football field, particularly with teams like the Ole Miss Rebels, don't make ...

Ole And Lena Jokes Ole and Lena Jokes. Ole and Lena were at the fair and saw a pilot giving rides. They went up to the pilot and asked how much it was, the pilot said ...

OXFORD -- Ole Miss held its annual baseball media day, a yearly gathering in which coach Mike Bianco talks about the team, jokes about questions

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Ole and Lena Jokes. Ole and Lena jokes are some of our favorite Minnesota jokes and conversation starters.