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There's more to your kid's knock-knock joke than you think
The Globe and Mail
Granted, it's not high-concept. But both jokes are signs the kids are right on track, developmentally speaking. Their love of jokes might even portend much more: A sense of humour in children has been linked to intelligence, creativity, empathy ...

TinderUs Tinder Consulting Service Aims to Make Sure Everyone Swipes Right
I'd never have considered Tinder a difficult service to use: you find a few moderately attractive Facebook pictures, type up a bio that doesn't sound too sketchy, make a few matches, and are then off on your merry, flirtatious way. But if that sounds ...

Rossi: Johnston must reach Malkin in Moscow
This is no knock on Crosby, the face of hockey in North America. He just can't do what Malkin can for the Penguins' ... Nobody jokes better than Malkin, as wingers from Ryan Malone to James Neal learned the hard way. Malkin uses humor to disarm and ...

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Slate Magazine

Help! My Husband Won't Stop Making Crude Jokes in Front of Me.
Slate Magazine
Q. Husband's Crude Humor: My husband thinks it's acceptable to make crude jokes in my presence: Farting at the dinner table, jokes about women's rear ends as we drive by them on the street, jokes about female masturbation, crude references to his and ...

DJ Douggpound
... pitch perfect editing (and writing) credits have made him essential to comedy duo Tim and Eric's projects as well as Portlandia. As Douggpound, a “joke DJ,” he jams on NPR themes and remixes knock-knock jokes. At 8 p.m. at House of Blues. | Thu ...

I Paid $50 For A Tinder Coach, And All I Got Was This Sense Of Doom
Gizmodo Australia
I opened the Facebook chat with my Tinder coach expecting to walk away with a hilarious story. It's a coach for Tinder; how could it be anything but? But one hour, $US50 and five extensively researched photos later, I had only one thought: Holy shit ...

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Christmas with the Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
Knock that shit off. At Dina's she puts a tree out for animals to eat, which is awesome. Interesting that Dina is with her mom Nettie. Nettie never filmed with Caroline. Her sister Fran is there, and she shot with Caroline, so it makes me wonder what ...

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Big 12 Media Days: Rhoads looks to 2014, comments on player safety
Iowa State Daily
ISU coach Paul Rhoads jokes with the media about the power of JUCO recruit Jordan Harris to "knock people's fillings loose" during the National Signing Day press conference Feb. 5. Buy this photo. Cat Conti. On July 21, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby ...

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ST. MYER: The more bored kids are on road trips the better
Muncie Star Press
Luke's response to “Mom, who?” is “Knock, knock.” His 5-year-old sister says, “Luke, stop!” after the third time through and then takes her frustration out on me for playing along. In Lexi's defense, Luke has been telling knock-knock jokes without a ...

Movies opening Friday, July 25
Watch the portly funnyman lay down the laughs in 23 countries and 400 cities, telling jokes about his son, old school video games and sudden fame. ... Criminal thugs knock Lucy out and insert a bag of drugs in her belly to turn her into their transport ...

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