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There's more to your kid's knock-knock joke than you think
The Globe and Mail
Granted, it's not high-concept. But both jokes are signs the kids are right on track, developmentally speaking. Their love of jokes might even portend much more: A sense of humour in children has been linked to intelligence, creativity, empathy ...

From swinging London to Maco country
Borrow a Funky bat from Michael to knock some in the evening. Promises he will rummage through his stocks to find as many 1992 World ... Wasn't much of a one for practical jokes. Everybody knew how fastidious he was. One day a team-mate nicked his ...

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The Voice Online

'Don't knock Ed Sheeran, take BBC 1Xtra to task'
The Voice Online
Just because he has gone pop doesn't mean that's where he's up and coming. The bwoy has got style and pattern and some lyrics to go with it. Moreover, he's got the feel. When it comes to jokes he knows how to joke in a black style. There's one rhyme he ...

Pro Report: Deal on VA reforms announced The booming anti-incumbent ...
Send jokes, tips, scoops and contenders for Tweet of the Day to, and follow us at @leighmunsil <> , @nickgass <> and @POLITICOPro <> . While ...

Fun and Games has grabbed attention of iPod generation
Herald Scotland
He asked them what their favourite joke was and the winner was the old Knock Knock Doctor Who favourite. Janey Godley was also on the bill and did some jokes about tattie scones, to the bewilderment of the audience. She then got everyone to sing Ye ...

Remembering Adult Swim Classic Harvey Birdman
The Escapist
Goofy stuff, to be sure, and well in line with Adult Swim's current reigning original-programming aesthetic of protracted absurdist meta-jokes that feel deliberately designed to provoke pages of furious message-board rants about all the supposedly ...

Washington Post (blog)

Redskins training camp: Observations from Day 4
Washington Post (blog)
After cracking some jokes and asking questions of his own, Meriweather brought the fan into the media work room and had Clark stop and sign the man's arm with a permanent marker. Clark completed the favor, and went back to taking questions. Meriweather ...

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Diving Deep With Thunder Levin
Multichannel News
We had an idea for the opening that will sort of knock people on their butts and we'll just go from there. Before I even started writing, we had a big throw-your-shark-ideas-in-a-hat kind of thing. What would you like to see ... One of the ongoing ...

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North Country Public Radio

Japanese beetles!!? What to do!?
North Country Public Radio
The jokes is that it's a good gift to give to your friend down the street. And we have a big hayfield, and I may try ... That's where hand picking—and because they're in the flower, it's really not that hard to do, just to knock them. You won't get ...

Slate Magazine

Help! My Husband Won't Stop Making Crude Jokes in Front of Me.
Slate Magazine
Q. Husband's Crude Humor: My husband thinks it's acceptable to make crude jokes in my presence: Farting at the dinner table, jokes about women's rear ends as we drive by them on the street, jokes about female masturbation, crude references to his and ...

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