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The Independent

'I'm lady Darth Vader!' and other hilarious phrases people have said in the ...
The Independent
“When my aunt was giving birth, she was all jokes. Very angry jokes, but jokes none-the-less. “'KNOCK-KNOCK! WHO'S THERE?! THE BABY! NOT YET!'” 'I'm lady Darth Vader!' “My husband told me when I was breathing the laughing gas I screamed "I'm lady ...

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Are We Really Teed Off at Obama's Golfing? INDEPENDENT'S EYE
Bainbridge Island Review
It brings to mind two old jokes about ballet. A guy goes to a ballet for the first ... At least the conservative site Protein Wisdom put its views in clever knock-knock joke form about the group that butchered Foley: "'Knock knock, Mr. President.' 'Who ...

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Rumor: Warner Bros. Doesn't Want Jokes In Their Serious DC Comics Movies
Indie Wire (blog)
Given that they've already established the tone via "Man Of Steel" (which had its share of humor), we can't imagine that screenwriter Chris Terrio is banging out a hilarious "Justice League" script only to be told to excise the knock knock jokes ...

A Word In Edgewise: Shakespeare, the legacy in his lines, Part II
Ukiah Daily Journal
Knock, Knock. Who's there? The Bard once again. Yes, that entrance to silly jokes is attributed to Shakespeare in MacBeth. Sayings, oft-repeated can become proverbs, but though they express a widely-held truth, someone has to be the first to tack ...

Memories of Smithfield plantation are beautiful
Progress Index
The hickory trees were so tall and big, you had to use high powder to knock them out of the tree. When the timber was sold in 76 and 77, Daddy said to me, ... We had some jokes, poems and I sang for them. We had one great time at the museum. Please ...

Family pay tribute to daughter
Herald Scotland
Knock knock jokes from one of Charlotte Hornby's favourite childhood books were read out in the humanist service in Inverness for the 24-year-old who drowned in on August 17. It is thought the St Andrew's University geography graduate's death was an ...

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The Score: Mapping the Music, Style, and Girl Power of 'Spice World'
Noisey (blog)
The Spice Girls themselves are stupidly adorable, the jokes hit every time, the sing-a-long factor is infectious and the supporting cast (Richard E. Grant as their manager) and cameos (Hugh Laurie as Poirot and Stephen Fry as their nightmare judge) are ...

More than a handful: Janet Warner challenges world record for the most finger ...
Blair Enterprise Publishing
“He always tells knock-knock jokes, which is really good visual memory building because then they have to say it back to me. Then I tell them to go home and tell their parents so they have to practice remembering something.” Warner had the puppet ...

Creative Loafing Tampa

Ask the Locals: Sharon E. Scott, actress and singer
Creative Loafing Tampa
Actress Sharon E. Scott is an acting legend in Tampa Bay. If you've seen her sing, chances are you've given her a standing ovation. Her megawatt voice and larger-than-life performances bring down houses. In April, her sharp-tongued Evillene ran away ...

Champions League draw: live - Telegraph
Still, Louis van Gaal's hilariously funny knock-knock jokes seem to have put a smile on his face... 15.15 Uefa have unveiled the ball the will be used during the Champions League. Do we care? Well, someone might so here it is... plus blurb! The adidas ...

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