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Gas Leak At Frozen Burrito Company Leads To Sick Workers, Fart Jokes
The Consumerist
A gas leak and carbon monoxide poisoning in the workplace are not at all funny, and we're glad to hear that workers at Evol in Boulder, Colorado are all okay after they had to evacuate their building. It turned out that the building had dangerous ...

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Malaysia Airlines plane crash: American Pie star Jason Biggs slammed for "sick ...
When one user wrote: "I cracked jokes the day my dad died, humor trumps tragedy. Ur recent tweets made me wanna follow u. Well done!" Jason responded: "That last guy is the kind of person I want following me. All you other p****** please go back to ...
'American Pie' star Jason Biggs criticised for 'sick' Twitter joke on MH17 crashBig News

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Boston Globe

Food safety in numbers
Boston Globe
His jokes may be a little tired, but they are a welcome relief from the onslaught of numbers and acronyms. ... We watch more videos of managers taking food temperatures at the delivery door, learn about cross-contamination, a lot on the use of gloves ...

Destiny continues to impress in beta: Our thoughts as Bungie's new juggernaut ...
The friendly banter, the hilarious, poor taste jokes or the aggressive barks of strategic orders were replaced with an eerily dead silence. After 30 minutes I just turned the game off. On the surface ... However, this cap will actually carry over to ...

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Channel Guide Magazine (blog)

Little Women: LA Recap, Episode 9 “Here Comes The Bride”
Channel Guide Magazine (blog)
Elena jokes, “She is the least organized bride I have ever seen in my life.” Christy's dress is absolutely stunning, and she has come across a genius .... Joe was too “Sick” to come to the reception. It's a bummer and Terra is feeling lonely amongst ...

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Interview: The Admiral
When did you decide start playing together as a band... and do you ever get sick of each other? ... Our good mate Ian Brown from the band Dad Jokes was a fan of the track and he happens to be good at, and have the gear for, shooting videos. He told us ...

Never Stop Believing in Yourself Unless You're Absolutely Sure That You're a ...
Huffington Post (satire)
Don't make gasoline jokes because I'm dieselly offended. Why does everything have to be so instantaneous? Take some ... My child's teacher is sick. So I'm having a parent/teacher conference with the sub. I'm not homeless. Every night I just need a ...

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Dating Someone With Depression: How His Illness Made Me Sick, Too
He couldn't crack jokes anymore. He couldn't connect to other people. He couldn't bring himself to care about things he'd previously loved. He hated his life. I told him that what he was describing was a classic case of depression and tried to get him ...

Britt Kennerly: Boomers power senior musicians to top moneymakers
Florida Today
Make all the cracks you want about the Rolling Stones arriving onstage in wheelchairs. Such ageist jokes are even cheaper when a band has grossed more than $1.5 billion — just on the road — over 25 years. Age especially doesn't matter to boomers, who ...

Famed actor James Garner dies at 86
"I was sick and tired of it all." Garner also had quintuple bypass surgery in 1988 and had a stroke in 2008. He left "Rockford" in 1980, partly because of his ailments and partly because of contractual problems with the studio, which eventually led to ...

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