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The New Airplane Food: Why This Denver Comedy Journalist Is Sick of Pot Jokes
For the next two minutes, all jokes revolved around onion rings, Phish guitar solos, procrastination and running from the cops. It wasn't that the jokes were offensive to pot-smokers, they're just the same tired themes we've been hearing for decades ...

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Teen jokes about Ebola, an ill schools don't need
The Virginian-Pilot
I guess we could have figured as much, that Ebola jokes would progress to pranks that jeopardize the health of others. My older child, who attends a Chesapeake high school, said some teens are running up to students and saying they have Ebola, then ...

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I'm sick of doing well with jokes I don't find funny
Whenever I've heard successful comedians give advice, the message always seems to be along the lines of 'Do comedy that you, personally, find funny'. If this is Rule 1 of stand-up then I have been failing miserably for the last three years. The thing ...


The #Ebowla Jokes Need to Stop
As the alarming details of Dr. Spencer's New York adventure emerged—a heroic stint caring for the sick in Guinea, a flight home, and then later, a subway ride, a walk along the High Line, a meal at a restaurant, an Uber ride—the fact that he went ...

E! Online

Ebola Diagnosed in New York, Celebrities React...With Jokes—Check Out What ...
E! Online
... disease continues, the group has also been continuously tweeting facts about Ebola. "#Ebola is spread by direct contact w/ body fluids of a sick person or exposure to contaminated objects, like needles," the organization tweeted, alongside an ...
Ebola Patient in New York Is Called a Doctor at Ease in DangerNDTV
Twitter erupts as New York tries to make sense of Ebola doctor's actions while ...Daily Mail

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From Python to Seinfeld - are these 12 classic comedies still funny?
The Guardian
This leads into another strength, the sheer number of jokes. During a ... As a firm believer in affection expressed through sarcasm and insults, I couldn't get bored of watching Lucy, Ricky, Frank and Ethel pretend to be sick to the gills of each other ...

SF Weekly (blog)

In Defense of Asking if a Restaurant Can Make Gluten-Free Food
SF Weekly (blog)
Particularly in the past year, gluten-free eaters have become the butt of jokes. Not long after an extremely tiny study suggested that people who thought they were gluten-sensitive might not be, many news outlets gleefully accused them of crying wolf.

14 Reasons Growing Up In A Greek Family Was The Absolute Best
Greek Easter is a treat, because even though you have to go to church at midnight, you get to make a wax catching cup for a candle out of tin foil or a cut in half milk carton then your parents let you CARRY FIRE, which you got to make cool Star Wars ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Jimmy Carr under fire for Reeva Steenkamp jokes during Q Awards
Sydney Morning Herald
Getting bored of people slamming on "sick comedy" everytime a #comedian "Crosses the line". You create invisible lines yourself! #jimmycarr — Andy Goddard (@iamandygoddard) October 23, 2014 ...
Jimmy Carr's Oscar Pistorius joke falls flat at the Q
A wisecrack too far? Jimmy Carr causes outrage with Reeva Steenkamp jokeDaily Star

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Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Bob Saget coming to Marcus Jewish Community Center Book Festival Nov. 1
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
He tells his off-color stories (often focused on private parts and bodily fluids) in a pleasant, agreeable style that somehow makes the jokes seems less off color. He embraces what he dubbed in his book “gallows humor” and “sick silliness,” a sense of ...

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